Bird Flu is caused by Avian flu viruses which easily pass off in ducks. Birds in the
wild, all over the world, transfer the infective agent in their intestines, though they once in a while
become ill from it.

The Bird Flu however, is outstandingly contagious among ducks and can implant to
domesticated geese such as ducks & chickens and murder them. The Bird Flu is
transmitted conversely saliva, nasal secretions and faecal matter. Usually the Bird Flu is just
transmitted from vertebrate to bird, but cases have now been widely reported since 1997
of the flu person transmitted from craniate to human, near cases according of quality to
human transmission, tho' the infectious agent has not pestiferous more than one somebody in
those cases. Bird Flu viruses are always changing, and all over example may grow into a
strain that can be sent from human to quality to human, in which proceedings we
would be janus-faced with a international epidemic of serious proportions.

Symptoms of Bird Flu in human beings can be everywhere from norman flu-like symptoms
such as excruciating throat, cough, pyrexia & musculus aches, to metabolism diseases specified as
acute metabolism distress, eye infections, respiratory disorder and other austere life-
threatening complications.

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As of January, 2006, cases of the Bird Flu in world have been reported in various
countries together with China, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, with individual
cases in Turkey in recent months. Over 140 cases have been rumored by the WHO
since 2004. Most of the folks festering had been in tie up association with birds that
were festering next to the Bird Flu.

Scientists are not able to guess if or once a Bird Flu pandemic will occur, but have
been keeping a adjacent eye on the infective agent in Asia and Europe and are preparing for the
worst affirmable script.

If you demand more than gossip on the Bird Flu, care for the flu with Tamiflu, or
where to Buy Tamiflu we have supplied copiousness of facts course that can sustain you
answer your questions just about the Bird Flu.

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Don't bury to bookmarker us (control D) so you can order of payment put a bet on more often than not for
updates on the infective agent.



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