When you're preparing to pass the CCNA test and gain this in demand Cisco certification, you've got to be totally geared up for the more kinds of positional notation and subnetting questions Cisco may pitch at you. You too have to be identifiable with the divergent behavior in which a subnet costume can be expressed, and that's wherever your scholarship of affix notational system comes in. Prefix notational system is an cyclic way to explicit the worth of a subnet mask, as opposed to the more than acquainted patterned decimal information. Not lone will you see prefix notational system in Cisco documentation, but you'll in all likelihood see it on your CCNA test. Consider the pursuing two values:


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Believe it or not, those two belief are precisely the one and the same. The primary pall is cursive out in the much familiar patterned decimal format, and you cognize by superficial at those firstborn 3 octets that both bit is set to "1", since the maximum effectiveness of such an eight is 255.

The second numerical quantity represents the scrupulous said mask, sole this meaning is verbalized in affix notation. This extraordinary meaning would be marked "slash twenty-four", and the 24 represents the cipher of ordered ones that are set in the subnet costume.

Those of us who abhorrence to manner numbers are particularly appreciative of this, since it implementation you'll have to category a lot less book to stand for a subnet pall. In addition, it's a lot easier to address masks in affix notational system than dotted denary. ("I meditation in the order of victimization a two-fifty-five two-fifty-five two-fifty-five 0 costume ,but afterwards fixed to use a two-fifty-five two-fifty-five two-fifty-five one-twenty-eight cover...")

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Be convinced you're easy next to affix notational system earlier taking your CCNA communicating. As next to Cisco documentation, you'll best likely see masks uttered in both stippled quantitative and prefix notation, and you've got to be in order to use the both as well!



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