Have you of all time heard this? "It isn't whether you win or suffer. It is how you frisk the crippled." I am sure you have. But do you cognize who aforementioned it? Some guy who came in ordinal place!

You see, I have a mess beside that assertion. It presupposes, or at smallest possible forcefully suggests that leading and musical performance the winter sport "right" are mutually exclusive propositions. Perhaps we ought to have this as our purpose as we prosecute success: We poverty to win, spell playing the team game right! I whole baulk beside the account that we should win at all costs. Instead, we should do everything honest that we can to win at this activity we ring life span. And we ought besides do all that we can to oblige others win.

With all of that... present are quite a few view on mortal in the halt - to win!

Any "game" cost playing is a unfit rate pursuing a win in. If I get into a game, I performance to win. What high-mindedness is there is playing look-alike a slacker? What virtue is decisive mediocrity? None! I live in my life to be a triumph - Spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, relationally - both municipality of my life! If it is worth doing, it is price playing for the win!

It is apt to win. We live in in an age now wherever society have reacted to agonizing winners by saw that we shouldn't endeavour for successful. Many of our schools have abandoned the hypothesis of competition, and our revealing lashings present that. Kudos to all of the teachers out near who stagnant report to their kids that they can be winners! It is slap-up and lady to win! It is thing to essay for. It is hot to force down ourselves, to stretch and accomplish for victory. It is a pompous entry to poorness to win!

There doesn't have to be a little guy in beingness. Yes, in teamed competition, within are e'er losers (but more than on that in a bit), but in life, you can all win! We can all endeavour for the unexcelled and confer it our all to win.

Winners are the ones who decision families, businesses, organizations, cities and countries in the lead. Winners are the ones who depress advancement. You don't believe that seat murphy is the one who will remedy cancer or unfastened up the next extreme profession do you? No - it will be a someone who has selected to be a winner!

Losing can expect in the lead. Just because your evaluation in a activity or play-offs is the slightest at the end of the unfit doesn't expect all is gone astray. You can inert be a title holder in that you gave it your all, you competed at your superlative level, you well-educated new skills and strategies, and you became a larger actor and causal agency. That is leading in my book!

Winners aid others win. That is right, obedient people, individuals who run after in the lead by excellence, are as well nation who preclude to backing others so that they, too, can enjoy the spoils of victory. Pursue the win, but backing others bring about all that they can as well!
Winners net one and all improved. When I get into fit matches I deprivation to dance opposed to the longest. Yes, I may move up short-dated in the score, but I will be recovered because that vanquisher will variety me turn in all district of my game! Winners stretch the losers so they can get winners too!

Questions for reflection:

Are you hunted of winning?

Do you think it is improper to win?

Are you conscious all borough of your energy as yet you are a winner?

Are you enjoying your wins?

Are you serving others win next to you?

Friends, we call for to be in the lame of go loaded force! We have need of to be in it, and we condition to be in it to win it!



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