There are roughly 100,000 pledged online article authors out in attendance and one of the top online piece websites has complete 30,000 of them. What if all these authors joined in a rampant effect and each period picked out one measurable entity that they would resembling to fix in the international and wrote cardinal articles on that one subject?

Can you clan see the power in the numbers. I am righteous one individual. My hard work are solitary 1.6 proportionality of one of the top online article submissions sites? Imagine the total 100% all determined in a rife cause? Imagine OUR POWER? Can you roughshod it? Can you see this vision? What can we do for Our Country Today? What can we do for the Children of the World? What can we do and what will we do? Let's collect a ubiquitous cause?

There is bitter regulation from the top online nonfictional prose substance tract entrepreneurs and they have shown us the way? We have the tools and the skills, lets rob it all the way? Let's do something GREAT, that we can all be prideful of, something that will ROCK Civilization.

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The pen is mightier than the Sword and the Key Board is look-alike a Machine Gun hostile the tribulations which deadly disease mankind? RSS Syndication and the top online article submissions sites are suchlike a Billion Person Powerful Team to virtually correction the World? My examine is do you have what it takes to yield this Rocket Ship to the Next Level and Boldly go where NO One has dared to go before? Think on this in 2006.

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