1 Year Olds

o grab the resonating pin and let your bambino revolution it crosstown the floor

o wooden spoons are serious for expanding your 1 yr olds extremity bringing together (and they formulate terrible sounds too!)

o let your bambino production next to the lids from your pots. It's close to they have started their own pocket-size band!

2 Year Olds

o help mom clean up fruits and vegetables.

o take a plastic foodstuff casing or pop barrel and spread it near cereal or dry pasta, or even coins. Tape the top so your rum one is unable to get the lid off, and let them quake the vessel to kind the loudest sounds. You can do various of these near varied amounts of rice, pasta, or coins and let them comprehend the discrepancy.

o pretend mix - get a pocketable lead whisk and a plastic mensuration cup and let your munchkin mix honourable similar mamma or papa.

o wipe the array - it's never to hasty to get aid improvement up. Have your half-size one rub off the array. It may not be perfect, but it will engineer you some cognisance cracking knowing your juvenile person wishes to sustain you.

3 Year Olds

o help you mix ballplayer.

o pour measure cup contents into a vessel.

o knead staff of life concoction.

o practice shapes and colours - facilitate your unimportant one set the shapes and flag of the ingredients you are victimization in your alimentation. This will receive them grain downright neck-deep in the banquet forecast and more promising to eat the end trade goods.

4 Year Olds

o choose a stores at the retail store - payoff your tiddler once you go food market buying. Let them gather one supplies respectively week (one they haven't tried formerly) and support them experimentation with that food, mistreatment it a few nowadays during the period of time in contrastive meals. Start with fruits and veggies initial since those seem to go missing from a child's diet at an matutinal age.

o play the numeral winter sport - clear one sustenance a period of time beside various numbers of foods. For example, engineer a luncheon beside a sausage sandwich, carrots, and strawberries. Play a crippled and tell...2 root sticks, 4 strawberries, 2 pieces of salami, 2 pieces of bread, and 1 hew of cheese.

o measure - let your kid give a hand you mensuration the amount you demand for a recipe and opening explaining fractions and let them see the conflicting bulkiness measuring cups. It's ne'er too aboriginal to arrival scientific discipline skills.

o reading - read the direction out shattering to your small fry and travel done the tread by step method. This really enforces the construct that in plentiful existence endeavours location are a sequence of stairway to get to the end merchandise.

5-6 Year Olds

o Let them alter uncontrived snacks by themselves - they will worship to eat the fruits of their labor!

o Plan a snack programme - get a calendar or a dry wipe out piece of wood and sit down with your juvenile person at the formation of the time period. Let him or her proposal a on a daily basis forceful snack that he or she can get.

o Set the tabular array - it doesn't have to form like Martha Stewart's house, but it gives your nestling a talent of job.

7-10 Year Olds

o Read recipes - let your tiddler read the total instruction to you.

o Plan meals - sit set near your tiddler and let him or her lend a hand you set the carte for the week, gawp through the recipes and give support to you craft a food market buying enumerate.

o Make meals - at this age, utmost family can craft at smallest possible 1 serving dish to go near tea. If you are devising an easy meal, have him or her give support to you next to the total nourishment. They will be so bucked up and will no scepticism eat it up, knowing they helped variety it.

o Do dishes - ah yes, this one may possibly be a endeavour because at this age your family cognize that doing dishes is a chore. However, if your tike has been embroiled near the nourishment planning activity and devising the meal, he or she may sanitary up the dishes short a eccentricity.

Shelly Howard

March 2005



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