I affected German for 4 age in postgraduate university and unmoving recollect both elemental phrases and habitually use them with my friends for fun. If you want to swot up German, present are several underlying phrases to move into off next to.

guten tag (pronounced gooten targ) - hello or corking morning

auf wiedersehen (pronounced owf veedersane) - goodbye

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danke schon (pronounced dunka sheern) - thank you drastically much

danke (pronounced dunka) - thanks

bitte (pronounced bit-te) - please

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entshuldigen (pronounced entshooldigen) - exculpation me

haben Sie cocoa? (pronounced harben See chocolate) - do you have cocoa? (used if you're in a coffee bar and would same some drink or hot tan)

haben Sie kaffee? (pronounced harben See coffee shop) - do you have coffee? (used if you're in a eating house and would like quite a lot of drink)

ich liebe du (pronounced ish liebe doo) - I be passionate about you

Now if you've publication those phrases you may well be speculative why in the "haben Sie cocoa" grammatical construction "you" is "Sie" in German and yet in the "ich liebe du" saying "you" is "du". That's because the German terminology has two contrasting speech communication for the English speech "you". "Sie" is the conventional way of dictum "you" and you would use "Sie" if you're conversation to a stranger or a somebody in authority. "Du" is the everyday way of motto "you" and you would use it once you're talking to friends and people.

So that's why if you're in a German restaurant and you'd resembling a cup of cocoa, you would say "haben Sie cocoa?" And if you're relating your genitor or friend/boyfriend you worship them, you would say, "ich liebe du".

German is an pleasant poetry to larn. Once you've down pat these uncomplicated phrases, you're ready and waiting to acquire more!



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