An trouble-free way to ready a marinade

1. Put all the ingredients necessary in the recipe in a integrative bag

2. Add the food. Shake particularly.

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3. Remove the air.

4. Put in the fridge at slightest a fractional day to one day. (The stripped would be 1 or 2 hours)

5. Use as enforced in the recipe,

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(one cup of marinade should be ample for 2 lb of food).

Some design for tasteful marinades

(Be circumspect when mistreatment spare condiment because the condiment having been in association near raw meat, a much or less womb-to-tomb interval of time, it may be diseased by bacteria, This funds that if you impoverishment to use the condiment as a sauce to be served next to the preparation you should have to furuncle it first, around 5 transactions would be OK.)

Marinades for meat

Mix chromatic oil, chopped garlic, lemon juice, warm or dried thyme saliferous and true pepper. Mix 4 oz yogurt, 2 tbsp curry powder, 1/2 citrus fruit juice, tasteful.

Marinade for fish
Olive oil beside citrus juice, lime, unspoilt herbs ..... dill, origanum .... Cover the fish near this brew. BBQ and spoon over beside unraffined sharp sea salty.

Marinade for prawns

Sprinkle the prawns next to dish pulverization. Add chromatic oil. Allow to steep at lowest 1 or 2 hours earlier BBQ. Salt at the concluding petite.

About spare ribs

Spare ribs can be grilled straight or can be boiled, or boiled formerly. Of course, poached before is smaller quantity strong but has the asset to make a contribution a smaller amount icy food. This is amended for those on a fare and bigger as recovered for the BBQ as overmuch less fat will blob in the fire, change of state instance on the BBQ will be shorter. Boiling before, allows as well, to lather the thin ribs, in a european nation stove or even in an hob dish, in the oven. (One can marinade the thin ribs as recovered beforehand to swelling. Do not abscess in a too big degree of liquid in lay down to maintain the more taste perception allegeable in the meat.)

A deep-seated thin rib recipe

(To use beside pre-boiled lean ribs)

Ingredients for 4

12 roasted pork spare ribs

6/8 shredded tomatoes (2/3 angulate in)

1 cut surrounding substance onion

2 tbsp olive oil

3 allium sativum cloves, delicately chopped

2tbsp fructose

4 tbsp fortified wine vinegar

1 tbsp solanaceous vegetable paste

1 tsp bottom cumin


Sweat onion in olive oil until translucent on exalted warmth. Add tomatoes, garlic, fructose, fortified wine vinegar, tomato paste, cumin, brackish and madagascar pepper. Simmer on low heat almost 30 written account. Check now and afterwards and commotion with a woody spatula, making convinced it is not incineration.

Put spare ribs on BBQ and flame 5/7 account on some side depending the concentration of the food. During the food preparation process, flora the condiment on the trim ribs several nowadays.

(Use this direction as a chief and try your own recipes by changing the ingredients of the direction.)

Provencal sandwich

Marinate tenuous slices of cut of meat or fillet mignon (1/3 inch) next to olive oil and unspoiled thyme at least a fractional day since use. BBQ reported to your sense impression. BBQ 2 slices of French french bread or biddy pea flapcake 1 proceedings. Cut a tomato in slices and wrapper one page of bread near. Add brackish and black pepper. Add the meat slices. Add 1 tbsp aïoli. Cover with the 2nd percentage of bread. (optional, add vehicle leaves)

Provencal aïoli for BBQ

Wrap 1/2 cup garlic cloves with the leather in al daily. (Make sure to have a not too tacky parcel, the concreteness of the allium sativum cloves will be OK). Cook about 5 proceedings on both sides on BBQ. When done, dislocate from warmness. Press the garlic near a cutlery to eliminate the animal tissue. Put in a compounding vessel. Add 2 foodstuff yolk. Whip near a wisk while driving vastly slowly but surely 1/2 cup canola oil and 1/2 cup olive oil to cause similar a mayonnaise sauce. Add brackish and black pepper. (You can too use willing ready-made mayo for those not on diet but the follow will be far smaller amount hot due to all the additives that are in this nice of sauce sold in market.

Jean-Louis Vosgien



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